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What is the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)?

A national program established by USDA to make sure children in daycare settings receive sound nutrition. The program is over 20 years old!

If you provide registered or licensed home daycare for children, THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS when you enroll in the Child and Adult Care Food Program!

What Benefits?

  • Free Workshops on topics like Nutrition, Sanitation and Health, Picky Eaters, Healthy Snacks, Preventing Childhood Obesity and more, and free self-study modules help you obtain your needed clock hours for daycare licensing.
  • Meal reimbursements! As a home daycare provider, you can receive reimbursement for each meal or snack you serve to your daycare children. Reimbursements paid to home daycare providers are based on the USDA Rates of reimbursement.There are two levels of reimbursement; the higher level is targeted toward low-income districts and families. The average reimbursement for Tier I providers is about $75 per child per month. The average reimbursement for Tier II providers is about $37 per child per month. (All registered daycare providers are eligible to receive reimbursement at least at the Tier II level.)
  • Free Minute Menu Web Program. This is a record keeping program absolutely free to all Nutriservice Providers! You can use this optional method to keep all your daycare records (menus, parent payments, child enrollment info, etc!) on the Web. Crashes, power outages, computer upgrades -none of these affect you when you use Minute Menu.
  • New Resource for menu ideas, recipes, cycle menus, healthy snacks. We have staff available to answer your questions, offer tried and true suggestions, and link you to other home daycare providers in your area.
  • Home Daycare Provider Calendar. This is a free calendar to all Nutriservice providers. If you prefer the hand-written method, you can use this optional calendar to help keep your payments, sign in/out records, receipt totals, etc. all in one place using this designed-for-home daycare calendar. It includes great recipes and activities for your children.

What do I have to do?

1. You must be registered or licensed for care. Not registered yet? Call us anyway and we’ll show you how to speed up the process.

2. You must keep a record of the meals and snacks you serve on forms we provide (or online).

3. Send in your records monthly to Nutriservice.

How do I get started?

Call us for a no-obligation appointment to find out more. We’ll schedule an appointment at your home at your convenience and bring you everything you need to get started right away.